👾Our Game Panel

✨ Get to know our Pterodactyl game panel optimized and customized for your games, offering the best hosting experience. 💻 We develop our own solutions and features for different services.

🐱‍👤 Full customized!

📷 Here are some screenshots of the panel.

Game Panel Screenshot
Game Panel Screenshot
Server Resource Usage
Game Panel Screenshot
File Manager
Game Panel Screenshot
Game Panel Screenshot
Game Panel Screenshot
Game Panel Screenshot
Cloud Backups
Game Panel Screenshot
Network Ports
Game Panel Screenshot
Startup Parameters
Game Panel Screenshot
Game Panel Screenshot
Server Settings
Game Panel Screenshot
Activity Logs
Game Panel Screenshot
Minecraft Plugin Installer
Game Panel Screenshot
Minecraft Version Installer
Game Panel Screenshot
Minecraft Modpack Installer
Game Panel Screenshot
Minecraft Properties Editor
Game Panel Screenshot
Discord Bot Installer
Game Panel Screenshot
MTA:SA GM Installer
Game Panel Screenshot
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Additional Features

The best for your server!

  • Full Responsive

    Adaptable to any device

  • MySQL Database Support

    Get free MySQL Databases

  • Scheduled Tasks

    User-friendly program task system

  • Subusers & Permissions

    Take control of your subusers

  • Activity Logs

    History of actions in the panel

  • Subdomain Support

    Generate your free subdomain

  • Full SFTP Access

    Upload and download files using SFTP

  • Download from URL

    Download files from links easily

  • Minecraft Installers

    Versions, Modpack & Plugin Installers

  • Automatic Crash Logs Alert

    Alerts in your Discord via Webhook

  • Server Importer

    Import your server using SFTP/FTP

  • Daily Backups

    Keep your data safe with us

  • MTA:SA & Discord Bot installers

    Install pre-setups easily

  • Properties Editor

    Configue your Minecraft server

💖 Why Choose Us?

🤝 We understand perfectly what you need and help you along the way.

🏃‍♂️ Instant Activation As soon as payment is received, the service is automatically activated, guaranteeing instant delivery.
🔒 Safe and Secured Our team always makes sure that our services and servers are secure and monitored 24/7.
🚀 NVMe SSD Storage All of our servers have state-of-the-art NVMe PCIe storage, this allows for very fast read and write speeds.
DDoS Protection Our servers are protected by Cloudflare Spectrum, which allows us to have a capacity of 197 Tbps+ for continuous redundancy.
Powerful Hardware Our hosting network is built with high-performance AMD Ryzen nodes that deliver unmatched performance for gaming servers.
🙋‍♂️ Dedicated Support We take care of the correct operation and problems, you just enjoy the service and do not hesitate to open a ticket for any question.

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have another question and can't find the answer you are looking for? Contact us via support ticket or on our Discord.