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πŸ™Œ Our History

In 2017, at the age of 14, I was creating a Minecraft 1.7.2 server in Argentina (CΓ³rdoba) called ArgCraft with my friends from Skype at the time. I remember hosting the server on a Raspberry Pi because it was expensive to pay for a server at that time. It was a small computer with 1GB of RAM and a slow processor, but fast enough to run a Minecraft 1.7.2 server back then. It had a 10Mbps download and 6Mbps upload internet connection. This was not ideal, but I managed to open the router ports and make the server accessible from anywhere in the world, although with high latency and poor performance.

After a few months, the server was hacked, destroying the worlds and server configuration. Unfortunately, since that date, the server never went online again, leaving only some memories among us. After that bad experience, in 2018, I continued trying to create Minecraft servers in Argentina. One of them that I managed to open was CubeLag Network (a reference to the popular CubeCraft Games). Over time, the server grew, and I managed to sell some VIP ranks and in-game items. However, the server had to close due to the lack of time I had to dedicate to it while attending school.

My passion for servers continued to grow, leading me to learn about Linux servers and how to configure them. Then, in 2020, at the age of 17 and with the little experience I had, I managed to get a job at a hosting company located in Mexico, where I worked remotely for 7 months. There, I learned about dedicated servers, VPS, web hosting, and technical support. It was there that I met Juan, the co-founder of VexyHost, who is also from Argentina (Buenos Aires). He interviewed me for the job for the first time on Discord. We got along very well since then, working together. In this company, I had a VPS to host a Minecraft network called VexyGames.

VexyGames was a Minecraft server where I managed to enter with an admin account. The reason for doing this was that I was trying to replicate the UUID Spoofing technique from an Authlobby, which had been done to me in 2017 on ArgCraft. There, I met the owner of VexyGames, and he offered me a staff position. I accepted and took care of configuring plugins and making the server "safer". However, the server closed over time. At VexyGames, I spent most of my time configuring and learning about Linux servers. To this day, I still keep backups of all the servers, configurations, and files to avoid experiencing the same situation as in ArgCraft.

At the beginning of 2021, I decided to embark on my own path and found VexyHost with Juan. I took care of configuring the website, the game panel, and the first server node, while Juan was responsible for acquiring clients and partners. The beginning was tough because no one wanted to invest in us since we were just starting in the hosting business and couldn't find partners or clients to cover the server expenses. After improving our services, gathering some reviews, and acquiring our first clients, we managed to acquire more servers in different locations. This was the moment when VexyHost started to grow and fill the servers.

VexyHost began as a great dream, an endeavor that was born in Argentina (Rosario), formed by individuals who are passionate about the world of computers, from gaming to cloud services. Our goal is to provide quality hosting services at an affordable price, with top-notch technical support and years of experience. All the personal experiences I learned from the age of 14 are reflected in VexyHost, a project that was born in a global pandemic and managed to be self-sustaining on its own, without the help of external investors. It's just me, my colleague Juan, and the thousands of clients who trust us day by day.

VexyHost will always be the company that I wished existed when I was 14, to solve problems and be able to afford a quality service without worrying about anything. Today, VexyHost is a reality, and as founders, we are proud of everything we have achieved so far and everything we will accomplish in the future.

🦦 Alan Escarcha - CEO of VexyHost

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